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Концептуальная мотивация фразеологических юнитов - зоонимы

Когда сдана: 2012 г.
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Заданная тема: Концептуальная мотивация фразеологических юнитов - зоонимы

Концептуальная мотивация фразеологических юнитов - зоонимы

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Idioms are expressions that are not understandable from the literal meanings of individual components. Each language has a long history with large quantities of idioms that are characterized by such features as conciseness and vividness.
In the eyes of the English, “Dog” is a man’s best friend in Western countries. Since the dog is a lovely pet, a faithful fellow. Even though some other languages put forth passive influences on certain English idioms concerned with dogs, such as "a surly dog”, “in the doghouse” they always show sympathy and tender fondness to dogs rather than disgust and even hatred. In addition, a story said that a couple was quarrelling. One neighbor said, “Don’t bit the dog”. It shows that people regard a dog to be a person “love me, love my dog” “help a lame dog over a stile”.

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